8 October 2018

Why Is It So Hard for Women to Leave A Toxic Relationship?

When people say why doesn’t she just leave him, in theory she would but once she’s emotionally attached and spiritually soul tied by then it’s too late. She wants to leave but her flesh is too weak leading her to go back to a toxic relationship. “As a dog returns to his vomit so a fool repeats his folly.”

Some women want to be like men so badly and act emotionless over casual sex, while ignoring their limitations but denial is causing so much heartbreak. As a woman you’re supposed to catch feelings. Being emotionally invested is natural and normal. Growth is calculating the cost of getting attached to the wrong one before you enter a relationship.

For me it was because I kept on believing and hoping that he would change and things would get better but they never did. I think I believed that because I invested so much into that relationship and I didn't want to start all over and be vulnerable again. I also had poor self-esteem and thought that he was as good as I could get which was so foolish.

I was clutching the dream he sold and romanticizing the hurt and pain because loyalty meant sticking around right? Even when his mouth told me he lied and his actions showed he had no intention of hearing my cries I stayed. I told myself it was because I cared, because I loved! As every lie was revealed to me I lost a part of myself but there was another part of me (my authentic self) that screamed for me to wake tha fuck up... we know this isn’t right so what’s going on ... and I can honestly say it was complacency. Until one day the lioness roared over the sheep in me and said enough is enough.

Women choose history over happiness. It’s in a woman’s nature to want to nurture and care for people, but it definitely ruins our mental health. We don’t realize how toxic we are when we come out of toxic relationships. All that toxicity projected into our lives for so long and that’s why we spend time “getting back to ourselves” because all of that will change you unconsciously.

Most of the time it’s a SOUL TIE... There is no difference in hurt and pain whether it’s the man or woman who is receiving it, no one ever intentionally ever hurts a person, things happen. Men are the givers and women are the receivers, and so we are not meant to roam as a man roam. A man who plays games and have sex with all different types of women don’t love himself, and women need to be aware, and do not embrace that behavior, be mindful who you allow in because what you let in, will enter into you. We as women find ourselves slow walking a man only having it end in disappointed anyway, because most men fly all around until they land on a pile of shit; We end up angry because it takes so long to realize we will be all right when the swelling goes down, in other words cut the sex off...

Love is Blind...sometimes a female may feel she put too much energy, time, emotions into that relationship or that marriage that she's just not going to give up on it... some women just don't want to be alone, there is also the issue of low self-esteem, physical and emotional abuse. Mostly the lies he keeps telling you, and the society telling you if you leave where are you going to find a better man because all men are the same, we need to stop this stereotype. There is so many reasons why people stay in toxic relationships... but whatever reason it is it's still not good and not healthy

There is no amount of attention that’s worth the years these men take in your prime. On average sleeping with him for 3 months steals one year of your life just to get over him. And if you deal with someone straight after keep adding 6 months. Do you have that kind of time?