8 October 2018

Stylish Monday: What's Stopping You from Taking It to the Next Level?

If it’s money you need to open or grow your business, you’re focusing on the wrong thing! You don’t need lots of money to take you to the next level.... you need focus! 

Success doesn’t start with a huge bang, a grand opening celebration with a fully stocked store “looking” successful before you’ve made a dollar. It’s a slow crawl that can be sustained for a lifetime. If it’s a shoe store you want to open and don’t have the capital to pay the lease and purchase inventory, that’s ok! You can start online, start at the flea market or do pop up shops. You may not be able to purchase the 40 styles you really like if you had a store. However, you can purchase 2 styles you absolutely love and sell it! 
Take that money and buy 4 more styles, pray harder and repeat. It won’t be easy as you’ll have to sacrifice if you want it bad enough! You won’t be able to vacation, buy those pretty shoes or go to those parties. Instead you’ll be busy focusing on growing and learning how to be better than you were yesterday. 
Before you know it those couple hundred dollars bills you thought weren’t enough to start/grow your business has now made you a “Thousandaire”! It may even make you a millionaire, all without repaying a single loan. 

Whatever you want to do, know all it takes is prayer, drive, ambition and 100% of your focus. I challenge you to start, restart, get up and make it happen.