8 October 2018

Sharon Ojong Shares 8 Secrets to Growing Your YouTube Channel in New Vlog

Creative Director and brand strategist, Sharon Ojong is back with a new vlog and this one is titled “8 Secrets to Growing Your YouTube Channel”.

Ex Big Brother Nigeria Housemate, Bamike Olawunmi Stuns in New Photos

The multi brand ambassador looked casual and chic as she paired her outfit with round dark sunglasses and clear heels.

Filmmaker, Life Coach and The Senior Pastor of The House of Freedom, Tony Rapu Is Dishing Out Some Marriage Advice

The Pastor, who has been married to his wife Nkoyo for over 30 years, wrote on Instagram:

Falling in love is a great thing. But the truth is that the feelings from the “falling in love” experience can only best be described as “puppy love” rather than true love. As much as one might wish to think that his or her infatuation is the real thing and will last forever, it never does. Infatuation is only just the beginning. The pleasurable feeling it creates is God’s way of encouraging a man and woman to grow interested in one another and begin the journey towards marriage. .\

Why Is It So Hard for Women to Leave A Toxic Relationship?

When people say why doesn’t she just leave him, in theory she would but once she’s emotionally attached and spiritually soul tied by then it’s too late. She wants to leave but her flesh is too weak leading her to go back to a toxic relationship. “As a dog returns to his vomit so a fool repeats his folly.”

Stylish Monday: What's Stopping You from Taking It to the Next Level?

If it’s money you need to open or grow your business, you’re focusing on the wrong thing! You don’t need lots of money to take you to the next level.... you need focus! 

1 October 2018

Stylish Monday: Honesty Without Compassion Is Brutality

Before you make a statement and end it with “I’m just saying”. Ask yourself, are you being honest or deliberately inflicting pain? Is your goal to sincerely help or hurt? Do you realize the person you’re being honest with is a human being with feelings? Yes, we all should keep it real. However, remember God also wants us to keep it kind.