24 September 2018

Stylish Monday: Congratulations, I Can’t Wait Until You Have This Baby!

 A friendly reminder that each one of you is currently pregnant with something so great God is taking his time with you. In God’s perfect timing you will birth an idea for an invention you’ve been praying about.

You’ll give birth to a strategy to better the business you’re afraid to start because everybody’s doing it. You’ll give birth to peace, clarity and the financial freedom you’ve been praying about. You may be in labor for years and it will be painful! However, when your goal baby is born....
God will free you from the generational chains of lack and poverty. Your goal baby will be beautiful! However, you must not speak negatively about your baby even when raising it gets tough. Do not let others care for it’s well being or announce your baby’s steps to everyone. Raise her privately! Your baby’s growth will be astounding! God will make room for you and literally expand ALL your territories! You are great and mighty like your baby. I pray this over your life In Jesus mighty name, Amen