9 July 2018

Stylish Monday: Stop Hyping Things Up

Be happy for people, congratulate their wins and successes, but understand that successful people are not from another planet. A lawyer goes to law school to become a lawyer. A doctor goes to medical school to become a doctor. It's expected. Myself too. I work my entire ass off (yes, both damn cheeks) day in and day out expecting certain results.

These positions and milestones are not untouchable. Yes, we should applaud people for the hard work and admire the dedication, but they're still human, and what they did doesn't take an out-of-this-world experience. They're not super humans. You can attain these same successes once you focus, find clarity, create a damn good plan or set specific goals and dedicate yourself.

Don't compare and feel any less successful because of people's titles, positions and wins. They're not any better, they just work harder, are focused and have a clear plan. Admire them and step your damn game up!