27 July 2018

I Hate Women Empowerment Events Because I'm Not Impressed – Dana Chanel

She said via her Instagram Page:

I hate women empowerment events because I’m not impressed.
What happens when the “feel good” wears off? And she’s still left in a not good situation.
I’m not impressed by your accomplishments, I’m impressed by the opportunities you give to other women.
That’s the real women empowerment.
Hustlers make money for themselves. Entrepreneurs build companies for other people.
And that’s the distinct difference btw a woman who has really invested in care and empowerment of other women.
Women see other women as competition.
The question is, can you give me the knowledge and opportunity to succeed? Not the words to inspire me to want to succeed.

This is so apt! Give me tools and knowledge to rise. Don't motivate me. I am already motivated that's why I am asking in the first place!!!