30 July 2018

‘’I Moved My Life to Another City for A Man’’ Instagram Celebrity and Fashion Entrepreneur Shares Story of Losing It All for A Man

Last year I moved my life to another city for a man. Left my job, my business, my family to been literally the lady in the movie acrimony for someone who was constantly doing me wrong and made me feel because he wanted to marry me I had to stick to the script. I felt marriage was the ultimate to make me complete so I stuck with the bullshit.

Ahjah Walls Member of The Walls Group Gets Engaged

 Congratulations to Ahjah Walls of The Walls Group on her engagement.

Stylish Monday: Be Resourceful with What You Have

You have what you need right now to go to the next phase. .... you just aren't looking at it right.

24 July 2018

#Bbnaija2018 Ladies Looking Stunning as They Make the Cover Page of Glam Africa

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates Alex, Anto, Ifu Ennada, Khloe, Nina, and Ahneeka are the latest cover stars for Glam Africa Magazine.

They all give never-before-heard insights into their time in the house, and how life has been post-BBN.

Toyin Abraham, Anita Joseph, Eniola Badmus Party with Dayo Amusa At Birthday Slumber Party

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa threw a slumber party with her celebrity friends in celebration of her birthday.

The actress shared photos of the party on her Instagram, thanking all her friends for attending.

See photos from the party:

Bisola Aiyeola Is the Cover Star of The Celebrity Shoot Magazine Latest Issue

When Do You Tell Him You Are Celibate?

When Do You Tell Him You Are Celibate
If you have decided to abstain from sex, congratulations! It is bold step that takes courage and the willingness to make your physical and emotional well being your priority. Taking that stance into your dating life will inevitably create some awkward and frustrating moments, the best thing to do is to be prepared for them by being clear on what your boundaries are and discussing them as early as possible with any potential partner.

Aso-Ebi Inspiration- Vol #83

18 July 2018

3 Essential Things Every Startup Should Do When Launching Their Business

1. Understand Your Product/Service.
Know how to explain what makes it valuable to the people who will be using it. Become so in tuned with your offers that it becomes second nature to talk about them, as if you were talking about, or introducing, a good friend.

Ankara Styles: Vol 148

17 July 2018

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Open Up on Love in GQ’s August Edition

 The couple who welcomed a daughter, Stormi, a few months back share with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green rare details of their relationship; how they met, fell in love and keep their relationship private.

Aso-Ebi Inspiration- Vol #82

15 July 2018

Ankara Styles: Vol 147

Bolanle Olukanni Shares Why She Chose to Remain Celibate Until Marriage

In her Youtube Vlog, “Why I choose celibacy,” Bolanle Olukanni says she believes in celibacy and chooses to remain celibate until marriage because sex can cloud one’s judgement as to whether you actually love someone.

13 July 2018

Ankara Styles: Vol 146

My Thoughts on Kylie Jenner Becoming the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever

Kylie Jenner is on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever, ahead of even mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at age 23. The 20-year-old beauty entrepreneur makes it to Forbes annual list of America’s richest self-made women with an estimated net worth of $900 million and she owns 100% of the company. Interestingly she built her $900 million fortune in less than 3 years.

9 July 2018

Stylish Monday: Stop Hyping Things Up

Be happy for people, congratulate their wins and successes, but understand that successful people are not from another planet. A lawyer goes to law school to become a lawyer. A doctor goes to medical school to become a doctor. It's expected. Myself too. I work my entire ass off (yes, both damn cheeks) day in and day out expecting certain results.

6 July 2018

4 Tips on How to Do A Successful Elevator Pitch

The number one rule with any communication is to be authentic. Feel free to model your pitch against someone else’s but if you don’t make it fit your personality, it will come across as phony and manipulative. And nothing ruins a pitch faster.

Below are 4 ways to pitch your yourself better.

Ankara Styles: Vol 144

2 July 2018

5 Reasons Your Design Business Is Failing

When a business fails it isn't because the designer sucks but rather because there's a problem with the business, not the talent.

Stylish Monday: Anything Good Doesn't Come Easy

You've gotta understand that the road to success is not easy. There's no magic pill, no snap of a finger and no overnight success. It takes hard damn work. No half-stepping. Please believe that!