13 June 2018

Why Most People Will Never Shoot at Their Dreams

1. Comfort: The society is built around comfort. You finish your education, take a 'comfortable' job in an already set-up office where they pay you at the end of the month. You get comfortable with the money and comfort it brings.

2. Lack of risk appetite: What if I fail? What will the society think of me if I fail? And yes, you will fail. The inability to digest risk or failure prevents people from taking the leap.

3. Social conformity: Most people live socially comforming lives. Most people don't follow their dreams because most people don't follow their dreams.

4. Life's a long shot: Everything seems difficult in the short-term but building a life from scratch brick by brick is not everyone's cup of tea. It's not easy and most people want to be easy and not uncomfortable. Taking the long shot isn't easy.

Leave all of these and you may have a shot at a dream life. No guarantee but you may. Isn't the shot worth it?