6 June 2018

6 Important Qualities to Guarantee Business Success

1. Passion

Passion will fuel you. As you travel through the peaks and troughs of the journey to create your business, the passion for your idea will pull you through the tough times and keep you motivated. You will be working on this business, like it or not, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether or not you are physically sitting down and working, your thoughts will be occupied by your business. It becomes all consuming, so you better love what you do!

Equally important is to be passionate about running your own business. Passionate about being in charge, making the decisions and operating a business. Having your own business is not a job, you will put more of your heart and soul into it than you thought possible. If you don’t give it 100%, building a business requires you to constantly stretch and challenge yourself.

2. Determination

You will need determination to make your business a success, to persevere when it seems that luck is against you, to do whatever it takes to build the business. Many people may begin businesses but those who succeed are those that keep persevering. It is not giving up at the first, third or even the tenth rejection but carrying on until you get what you want.

3. Optimism

Optimism is key in starting up a new business. You need to go into business expecting the best and even when the reality is different, find creative ways to overcome it and build on it. Optimistic business owners reflect on their successes instead of their failures. They also look for the benefit and opportunities in every situation, thinking of their business goal and how can this situation enhance it. They will see opportunities where others won’t.

4. Customer Service

Keeping your customers coming back for more is the easiest way to build your business. Putting them at the forefront of what you do is key to this.  Valuing your customers with great service and consistently exceeding expectations enhances your business as you will build customer loyalty and reduce the likelihood of them switching from you to a competitor.

5. Courage

Opportunities are everywhere but you have to be fearless to grab them! Starting and running your own business will push and pull at every part of your comfort zone. You will have to put yourself out there in ways you haven’t imagined. There is no company brand to lean on anymore, no sales department to bring in the business. It is now completely up to you. Successful business owners have let go of many things. They have let go of that fear of rejection, the fear of being seen as too direct, the fear of selling and asking for the order. Once these fears have departed, they become tenacious, motivated and gain momentum.

6. Hard Work

When you are launching your business start-up you are creating something out of nothing. You are establishing a brand in a competitive market place, creating a presence, building a sales pipeline, getting prospects to know, like and trust you and your offering. Starting up your own business can feel like you are working harder than ever before. You may be working longer hours than you have for some time, and earning far less money as you start to become established. Trust me it is all part of the process.