29 June 2018

Wura Manola: My Wedding Planning Mistakes

Wura Manola of Get Wedding Ready, she talks about her wedding planning mistakes like reducing stress, understanding the bigger picture, going wedding dress shopping early, double checking all items booked with your vendors, leaving time to take photos and so much more.

Media Personality Toke Makinwa Talks ‘Life After a Breakup’ On A New Episode of Toke Moments

Watch Toke Makinwa talk life after a breakup and how it can be so tricky; from checking your ex out online to stressing about who he has moved on to and just getting it together.

Ankara Styles: Vol 141

27 June 2018

Ankara Styles: Vol 140

4 Qualities to Look Out for in A Real Man

1. He Is Centered

When a man is living with the king energy in its fullness, he feels a centering power within himself. Not that he believes the world revolves around him, but rather that his confidence, purpose, and well-being gives him a supreme sense of balance. He acts, rather than reacts - he is the rock in crisis.

New Video: TY Bello feat. Sinach & George – Still God (Spontaneous Worship)

TY Bello has released yet another edition of her spontaneous worship series. This one features Sinach and George and is titled ''Still God''.

14 June 2018

Do People Deserve A Second Chance?

We live in an imperfect world and expecting someone to be perfect is unreasonable. As human beings we will make mistakes because that’s how we learn to deal with ourselves and those around us. Sometimes people hurt us by their mistakes intentionally or otherwise; they apologize and promise to change.

Denim Thursday #58

13 June 2018

Beauty Vlogger Ronke Raji Shares Photos from Her Court Wedding

Why Most People Will Never Shoot at Their Dreams

1. Comfort: The society is built around comfort. You finish your education, take a 'comfortable' job in an already set-up office where they pay you at the end of the month. You get comfortable with the money and comfort it brings.

11 June 2018

Stylish Monday: Bitterness Is A Blessing Blocker

 It’s tempting to replay, rehearse and recite all the coulda, shoulda, wouldas in your life, but the reality is the past is gone.

6 June 2018

6 Important Qualities to Guarantee Business Success

1. Passion

Passion will fuel you. As you travel through the peaks and troughs of the journey to create your business, the passion for your idea will pull you through the tough times and keep you motivated. You will be working on this business, like it or not, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether or not you are physically sitting down and working, your thoughts will be occupied by your business. It becomes all consuming, so you better love what you do!

Ankara Styles: Vol 135

5 June 2018

The Trinity! #BBnaija’s Vandora, Bambam & Anto Cover Vl Magazine’s Latest Issue

Big Brother Naija stars Vandora, BamBam and Anto are the latest cover stars for VL Magazine’s June 2018 tagged ‘The Trinity ‘

In an exclusive interview with VL the ladies talk about their Big Brother Naija experience, current projects and future plans.

See full spread below:

Aso-Ebi Inspiration- Vol #76

4 June 2018

Stylish Monday: Validation Is for Parking

Have you ever had an idea or a dream that you thought was so great, you couldn’t keep it off your mind? Then you went to share it with someone you really care about, and they didn’t see what you saw?