8 May 2018

"She Gave Me Fish and Taught Me How to Fish" - Laura Ikeji Kanu Appreciates Top Blogger Linda Ikeji

In an Instagram post, Laura shared just how much her sister her assisted her in life.

“The Ikejis are financially strong individually because Linda decided to be Amazing Linda,” she wrote.

This is my sister, her name is Linda, Linda is rich, not just money rich, she’s rich in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Linda made sure everybody in the family is rich. She didn’t only give us some ridiculous some of amount sometimes, she gave us knowledge, she made sure that when she withdraws our monthly allowances we could stand on our own. I haven’t received any money from her in while, it was a choice because if I needed money all I needed to do was ask, but fortunately I learnt well from her and I’m not doing badly at all. She gave me fish and taught me how to fish. I took the Knowlege n I’m doing some amazing things with it #INCOMPLETE. Linda didn’t have to, she doesn’t owe us anything but she did. The Ikejis ‘re finacially strong individually because Linda decided to be Amazing Linda. #mysisterrocks#mondaymotivation #lindaismysister#iamgrateful

Credit: Lauraikeji