4 May 2018

8 Reality of Starting Your Own Business

1. It’ll probably take around 3-5 years to start earning a good salary in your business. Within that period, you’ll have employees who make more money than you while you work harder than all of them combined.

2. You are actually working for someone, well some people. Running a business means your employees, your customers, clients are your bosses. They determine what you do.

3. 90% of the time you’re either stressed, worried or going through something in your business.

4. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur you need to understand that it’s also a career, one with a thousand-fold responsibility. It’s rough, it’s hard but it is worth it.

5. In business, the more you grow the more problems you’ll be dealing with. It never gets “easier”.

6. The one mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they first start with a product then they want to find a market (customer) for it.

7. Sell the value not the product. In other words, show how your product/service solves an issue. It's not about the product but the value the customer gets when they use your product/service.

8. Learn to listen out for a problem then find creative solutions. Do not build businesses based on what is "popular".