10 May 2018

5 Ways on How to Write A Sponsored Post

A sponsored post should never sound like a sponsored post. Your audience will get bored and it’s not going to be a fun post to write, anyhow. You should always be integrating the brand into a post organically.

The key is to write a post that is going to appeal to your audience. people are way more likely to get excited over a post that has actionable advice for them to follow.

1. Making the post relatable. You want your audience to connect to you and the brand. Be relatable and let your personality shine.

2. Highlighting the brand without coming across as a commercial.

3. Disclosing your relationship with the brand. You’re simply making sure that your post stays authentic and organic despite the fact that there is a relationship.

4. Make your post shareable. You want every post you write to be your new most popular post ever – sponsored or not. To do that make sure:

There is a benefit to your audience – what are they getting from reading your post? Are you being helpful? Ridiculously entertaining? Make sure that there is a takeaway.

Make your post easy to share – social media buttons and adding a pin button over your images will go a long way.

5. Use a call to action. “Did you find this post helpful? Share it with someone who _________”