12 March 2018

Stylish Monday: Never Mix Business and Pleasure

 Money and feelings don't mix. If you've ever loaned or borrowed money from a friend or tried to get into business with a lover, you know what this is about.

Some people turn into strange beings when money gets involved. Not everyone knows the value of money, not the amount, but the value of the work taken to make it. Spoiled children think everything will always be given to them because, big or small, nothing has value to them.
They are never satisfied with what they have because they feel they can and will always be given more without lifting a finger. So, they think everything will always be that easy. What a rude awakening they are in for.
The same goes for grown folks. Some folks don't know the value of money so you can't expect them to know they have obligations to fulfill before they get it. Reading these people had become so key in finding people I want to work with and do great things with in the future.