5 March 2018

Stylish Monday: Choose Authenticity Over Fake Perfection

After confidence, authenticity is the most magnetic quality we can have.

A lot of times though, instead of being authentic we try to play super woman. We pretend we always have things together and can do it all by ourselves. We do it because we're scared people will take advantage of any weakness we show.

And that's a valid fear but authenticity doesn't mean you have to tell everything, or fall apart in front of strangers. It just means that whatever you do say, in word and action, must be true.

And the truth is, that we all need help sometimes. We all struggle. We all feel insecure and doubt ourselves sometimes. And we're all STILL Amazing.

We're not amazing despite those things. We're amazing because of those things! They make us human and relatable and compassionate. They teach us lessons we can pass on to others and build the strength we'll need for our huge plans to change the world.
So the next time you have a chance to admit you need help with something or share a struggle with someone that you know they'll relate to, don't hesitate.

Good Morning