14 March 2018

10 Career Opportunities in the Nigerian Fashion Industry

The Nigerian fashion industry is a huge industry with a multitude of jobs available and it is important to find a job that suits your passion, degree, skills and talents. Even if you’ve never done a sketch or sewn a dress, you can have a career in fashion.

If you know about current fashion trends, have an eyes for style and details; and a burning desire to turn your passion into a profitable career then perhaps a career in the fashion industry is the right path for you.

1. Fashion Designer
A Fashion designer should have artistic and creative qualities and use that skills to produce unique design concepts for various fashion applications. Designers are required to be multi-talented. They sketch, sew, create and mix colours, research upcoming fashion trends, choose fabrics and also utilize computer aided design and also, design entire lines.

2. Fashion Marketing
All fashion companies need to help market their products. Fashion marketing deals with how clothing get into the hands of the consumer.
The aim of fashion marketing is to analyze consumer tastes and show how a brand best fits into that consumer’s lifestyle.

3. Fashion Retailer
Retailing is all about selling the finished designs. As a fashion Retail buyers It is important to possess a great attitude, a beautiful smile, and a go getter personality in the retailing business.

4. Fashion Management
Those involved in this area ensure the effective management of the day-to-day operations of the business.

5. Fashion Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Fashion illustrators are creative and love expressing their opinions and thoughts through art. Illustrator’s help with graphic, produce advertising copy and images for promotional material in print and online.

6. Fashion Writer
Fashion writers work for newspapers, magazines, fashion websites or blogs, and television to produce editorial for the fashion media industry.

7. Fashion stylists
Fashion stylist take a photographer or art director’s vision for a photo shoot or film and bring it to life.

8. Personal Stylist/Fashion Blogger
Personal stylist are fashionista who give advice on personal style and clothing. As a fashion blogger you can blog about fashion trends, be an authority and an influencer in all things fashion.

9. Fashion Public Relations
PRs work with fashion labels and retailers to build a strong brand profile and public image, and assist with the media coverage of new product launches.

10. Fashion Research and Development
Research and development involves working as an engineer or researcher in product, fabric, and process innovation. If you’re an engineer or researcher, you’re trying to find new and better ways of producing clothes and accessories. If you like working with cutting-edge equipment and technology, this is the fashion career path for you.