13 February 2018

The Five Stages of Grief We Go Through

These are actually the 5 stages of grief when mourning the loss of a loved one, a break-up but acclimating your mind to reject the lies you've been told all of your life is a very similar process.

Denial: When one is told a truth, they don't want to believe or their mind can't yet fully comprehend, the initial reaction is to dispute it.

Anger: In life, we tend to get comfortable with our circumstances, and although change is expected, it can be jolting when we're forced to release our clutches on the people or beliefs that we've always held dear.

Bargaining: Before progress can take place, one has to acknowledge that the truth they're presented with, might actually have some validity. The very notion that our personal reality might soon be shattered causes us to panic, and make promises to ourselves or others we may want to keep, but know that we can't. A new love, weight loss, a better job, and expensive purchases all are distractions that keep us mentally sedated while we reconcile the fact that real change is not easy.

Depression: This is when one feels as though they've hit rock bottom. The despair of not knowing which directions your life should take now that the truth has set in can leave a person feeling like everything is spiralling out of control. Crying and isolation are common in this phase because the "band-aids" that you may have introduced into your life are no longer working. This is a pivotal point in the healing process because one must decide if and how they will move forward.

Acceptance: finally, a spiritual peace occurs, and all of the anxiety, doubts, and sadness start to subside. You become able to find humor and happiness in your memories, rather than dwelling on pain of the loss that you've experienced. The thought of the future fills you with hope, and you are now armed with the tools you'll need to help others who have yet to go where you've already been.

Be patient with yourself. The truth is a heavy burden to bear, and you must strengthen your mind and spirit to handle it. Take your time and allow yourself to fully feel every emotion, whether painful or pleasant. These feelings are the stepping stones in your path to enlightenment.