26 February 2018

Stylish Monday: What Are Your Gifts and Talents?

 Me: I'm bossy, outspoken, dislike lazy people, analytical, result driven, deadline driven, goal driven, great time management skills, work best under pressure, no nonsense type of attitude, very direct, blunt, factual, great interpersonal communication skills, superb work ethic, and full of ambition.

When you look at my list, some are strengths and some would look at them as weakness but.... A person with my attributes is usually a project manager, business manager, CEO, lawyer, business owner, entrepreneur, analyst, or some type of leadership/management position because those jobs require someone of that calibre.
 So what job did I have??? My degree and certification are in business and strategy. So I used my weaknesses to enhance my strengths. All the stuff that you don't think is great about you is really your gift but you haven't tapped into how to use it.... YET!