19 February 2018

Stylish Monday: Do I Believe All Men Cheat?

A lot of us are from broken homes because our parents cheated, our parent's friends cheated, every guy we've dealt with has cheated and even now our friends are complaining about cheating. So it's not surprising when women say all men cheat. 

That's the only example they know. I remember getting into an argument with a girlfriend of mine at 15 who told me all men cheat, we were so young yet she had somehow already made that conclusion so this is a hard belief to break.
Problem with believing all men cheat is by default you accept cheating as part of your destiny. You are saying "I accept my husband will be with other women" if you accept that you're more likely to put up with nonsense in the dating phase because you've resigned yourself to the idea that "men cheat anyway so" rather than holding out for what you actually deserve a man that doesn't cheat.
 All men do not cheat; I don't know why some women have this "myth" in their heads. So basically you are saying all men cheat and are bad, but you have sons that will become men one day so you are talking about your own sons as well which is sad.