5 February 2018

Stylish Monday: Attitude Is Everything

Having the right attitude can drastically change the outcome of many situations. How many times have you over reacted or said something you regretted, having the situation become wildly more inflated than it ever had to be? Or how many times have you fallen into a habit of feeling like shit and watched as your life just past you by, making you feel more like shit? That last one has been me SO many times in life.

I'm far more emotion-driven than I care to admit so I get into these major slumps sometimes when everything just sort of, stops. I feel crappy so I don't feel like doing anything productive.
Then nothing good happens so I feel more crappy. Vicious cycle. You gotta find a way to pull yourself out of those fucked up hamster wheel modes we humans get into. Life is both too long AND too short. Grow up, put on some red lipstick and your big girl shoes and get back to life.