23 February 2018

Get to Know the Face Behind the Blog and What My Friends Have to Say About Me

Hey lovelies! Today I get to answer 23 questions about myself to help me put more personality in this blog. You also get to read what my friends think of me. This way you can get to know me through my own eyes and the eyes of others. Enjoy!

1. Q: About Me?

My name is Blessing Eremionkhale but close friends and family call me Ose. The founder of this page www.xobeabeth.com. I'm a dreamer, a fearless fact-finder (professional stalker), a loyal friend (yes the type that will always fight your battles), an advocate for the truth.

I'm such a romantic at heart that whenever I see people who are very clearly in love with each other being cute, it just makes me so happy that their love exists.

2. Q: Biggest Inspiration?

Listening to life stories of highly successful people. Many times, success seems to be so unattainable and reserved for the privileged few. But when I read or listen to their interviews, I suddenly realize they are just normal people. Maybe more determined or better-timed, but definitely not outside the realm or my possibilities.

3. Q: If I Am Forced to Wear A Wearing Label, What Would Mine Be?

Unpredictable and sensitive.

4. Q: Strengths and Weaknesses?

Looking at myself and I noticed one of my best traits is also my biggest weakness. I wear my heart on my sleeve, that I will do whatever it takes to make a person happy even if it causes me pain.

5. Q: Introvert or An Extrovert? 

Both. I am an ambivert. I thrive within the company of others. It energizes me, but then, it drains me. On the other hand, I also enjoy my quiet time alone to reflect.

6. Q: Turns On?

Knowing I can trust you.

7. Q: Most Influential Person in My Life?

A lot of people have affected my life, but my mother is by far the most responsible for what I like about myself today. She encourages me to be bold, compassionate, creative, prayerful, a giver, strong, independent, and basically the woman that I am today.

8. Q: Do You Think Age Matters When Accepting Advice from Others?

I seek council from those that have actually been where I desire to go, not those that have simply wandered the earth for a long time and reached old age without ever having learned anything new. I give the elders my respect. I give the wise my attention.

8. Q: What is a Real Relationship?

A real relationship is when you get to the point where even after arguing so badly you come back to communicate where the situation went wrong or how to come to a common ground at the end of the day. Relationships don’t last nowadays because after one bad argument you chose to run and hide.

9. Q: Best Way To Resolve Conflicts That Arise In A Relationship?

What makes a relationship healthy isn’t a lack of conflict but rather, how conflict is resolved. Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

10. Q: Has Love Ever Broke Me?

It is not love that breaks people but the people we’re in love with and how we perceive the things which led to us thinking we’re broken.

11. Q: If I Could Only Drink One Beverage (Besides Water) For the Rest Of Your Life, What would It Be?

I think choosing juice would be a more responsible idea.

12. Q: Biggest Life Lesson I Have Ever Learned?

Stay consistent, even when it's quiet. Continue to work towards your goals, and even if you don't achieve a milestone that garners the attention of others, celebrate yourself for having the courage to persist in silence.

14. Q: How I Cope with Mood Swing?

Space, attention and credit alert.

15. Q: Favorite Song?

This changes so often but I’ve been listening to Mama by Mayorkun a lot lately.

16. Q: Favorite Social Media Website?

I’m doubting between Instagram and Twitter. Twitter is where I get to see the mind and ideas of people. While Instagram is where I get to see beautiful photos and style inspiration. I also get to make money on Instagram.

17. Q: How I Spend My Free Time?

Surfing the net and showing TV shows. You must be really special if I chose to hang out with you.

18. Q: Beauty Product Or Tool?

My favorite beauty tool is the shower. It really helps me have a presentable look while my favourite beauty product is the African black soap.

19. Q: Favorite Blog? 

I bounce around too many blogs, but I am planning on putting a list together of my favorite blogs in a future post.

20. Q: Ideal Partner?

Someone who has no social media presence, strong family values and a big heart. Someone whose dreams are lager than mine.

21. Q: Favorite Celebrity?

Viola Davies, I just love her aura.

22. Q: Favorite TV shows?
Single Ladies
Grey Anatomy
How to get away with Murder
Being Maryjane
Queen of the South

23. Q: What Friendship Means to Me?

My definition of a friend is someone that can be called upon to offer help in times of need, and who cares about your well-being as a person. Friendship is when these circumstances are mutual. Kindness does not equate friendship. I can be kind and care absolutely nothing about your personal circumstances.

Proximity does not mean friendship. We may see each other on a regular basis because our circumstances collide. On the flip side, not seeing each other often won't make our relationship any less significant.

Friends are nice to have if you can find someone deserving of the title, however, I’ve learned not to accept or bestow that crown without properly vetting the receiver.


I told some of my closest friends to describe my person so you can better understand me through the lens of someone else.

Ose is a strong woman and a pillar of strength to her friends. She is my greatest fan, supporter and one of the most valuable player. She rocks my world, stirs my anointing and activates the best in me every time I walk up to her to say I am down.

She helps me to protect my weaknesses, amplifies my strength and manages my doubts. She helps me to honor the king in me and pampers the kid in me.

She knows most of my top Secret Codes. Ose is a very secretive person, but she hates it when you try to keep a secret away from her. Trust me, she will get it. Just a matter of time.

Ose is very easy to blend with, but she can also fake a smile at the same time. She likes the CIA / FBI world. Why, she likes spending time investigating some irrelevant stuff that won't yield impact to her. In this case, she sees herself as a CIA or an FBI agent working to sort out some locked 🔒 up information.

She likes working on some irrelevant stuff, like scattering her wardrobe and rearranging (ask her whether e first scatter). She's very stubborn, she's a short fuse person,when you offend her, she forgives, but takes time to heal.

She is the whole nine yards proverb 31 woman. She is beautiful, generous, kind, polite and God fearing. She is very accommodating with a beautiful heart. She is quick to apologize when she offends you and also quick to forgive and move on.

She taught me how to be contented with what you have while pursue what you want. Even if she has a lot on her plate, she is always ready to fake a smile and make everyone happy.

There are two side to her the tough side and the super soft side. She'd go to war for you no doubt.

She is broken and real. She loves God, forget the stunt she tries to pull, her spirituality is paramount to her even if she tries to hide that churchy part of her. She slays in tongues, she’s one of those people that if I’m ever in big trouble, she’s in the top three I call.

She is a woman of substance, A woman that has survived so many obstacles still able to move on.
Though the journey seems rough but she believe she can always achieve the best.  A go getter and someone with high aspirations.

She is beautiful and ultimately someone with a great heart, with all these there are still some drawbacks. Sometimes your ambitions has gotten its toll on you that you are too focused on what you want to achieve without caring about others on the way. Though this is good but there should be a room for flexibility at times.

Blessing I know is a straight lady. Against all odds I believe you are still a good woman with a lot of rooms for changes.

Blessing is a  kind person, beautiful, elegant, hardworking, generous, and also dedicated to actualizing her dreams that she can sacrifice anyone and anything for it.. Which is a good thing and can also be a bad thing. Overall I think she is a good person.

Blessing is a very open-minded, opinionated and a cheerful person. She is intelligent and hungry for knowledge.

The interesting thing is that Blessing and I almost dated the same guy. She found out about me, called me and we had a conversation about it. She strongly believes that no man is worth losing your dignity over. Our friendship has only waxed stronger ever since.

I love the fact that she is honest, open minded, focus and determined to get what she want, fun to be with, and a bit stubborn.

Stubborn, lovable, a pillar of strength and support.

Good sense of humor, friendly, lively, she doesn't form at all. She doesn't get angry easily but when she does it will rain, hail, sleet and snow. She is a meticulous person, always take her time in everything she does.  She is careless with her relationship with people but value good friendship. Someone like her can maintain friendship with someone for 20 yrs and that's rare

Forget the calmness, smile and gentleness. she is a real gangsta. She will rain fire and thunder on you when she is angry, cheated and taken advantage of. She is a great cook but also a lazy one. She loves eating out and experimenting different local food delicacies.

She is resourceful, pretty and zesty fellow. A mover, and a sweetheart and that's why I love her. But sometimes, I think she can be too smart for her own good, she let things overwhelm her, and she can be too headstrong about some decisions which is not so bad and I think a little flexibility will help.

Blessing loyalty represents one of her several up's. When you locked in a passionate discussion with her, you sense she can never fake a feeling. She can be very persuasive about her views, yet understands she can't  impose any. She can be real and yet put up a camouflage. She can be puzzling, yet  because you can never have a clue of her situation through your senses, she contains them so effortlessly.

Ose is quite private and coca cola can go to bed if she has the job of classifying their recipe. You can successfully stage a coup with her. She is a master strategist and beautiful executor.

Her zest and drive to dare the odds, forbear obstacles and grind through situations is a virtue she has in abundance. As a foodie, I long identified her amazing culinary skills and I fondly remember and cherish moments shared with her.

When she is set to pursue a cause, she frighteningly acts a man. I know she wishes she can control her emotions much more than she does- but there she loses to her very essence, easily impressionable  and very romantic at heart.

Looking for depth in conversations and quality time to spare with a friend, Ose is first choice. She is uniquely constructed. She is Bae.😍

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