28 February 2018

Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

Do you believe in soul mates? Do you hold the idea that there is one person who is divinely compatible with you? There are approximately 7.5 billion people on Earth. What are the chances of finding your soulmate? What if the person think is your soulmate is already married, dead or haven’t been born yet?

What’s a soulmate? A person who has the same lifestyle as you? A person who shares the same values as you? A person who is compatible with you? All of the above? No, there is nobody like that.

I don’t believe in soulmate. That is highly implausible. Why should I believe that I am so limited? Why should I believe anyone is so limited? If I were one man’s perfect soulmate. It would mean I am defined by who that other person is, and that he is also defined by who I am.

There is more than one person for everyone. You have multiple chances for your happily ever after. I believe in partners caring enough to stick around with you. Once someone is right for you, your love can last forever. You can choose your own happiness with whomever you want.

Looking for perfect compatibility and a soul mate kills motivation to work at successful relationship with good partner. People who believe in the idea of soul mate believe people either click and are meant to be, or they don’t and should move on. However, when problems inevitably arise, believers in soulmate often don’t handle it well and leave the relationship instead.

The best you can do is to find someone who has flaws that you can deal with. Even if you find that person, there’ll be another one who can make you even happier. Instead of searching for soulmate why not look for someone with whom you can mature and enjoy life.

A relationship is more than just enjoying the good times together, what defines a relationship is how you manage each other’s flaws, forgiveness and knowing if the second and third chances are worth it with that person.

The problem with the term soulmate is that it takes all of the work out of a relationship and assumes that two people can be so magically connected that they don’t even have to try. That’s a dangerous way to view a relationship.

I have seen marriages where people thought their soulmate either via prophesy, vision, whatever form now divorced. Why is this? Because they thought their connection was so divine and they quit working on their relationship.

There will always be disagreement because no one is perfect or a perfect fit for a partner. It takes work, growth, changes and maturity to keep a relationship. But someone who believes in the idea of soulmate see this as an excuse to be uncommitted and eventually quit the relationship.

The real questions you need to ask are:

  1. Do our life goals match or can it be alterable to an acceptable extent.
  2. Would my partner stand for me and always support me?
  3. Are they emotionally matured for a lifetime journey?
  4. How do they handle conflict?
  5. Are they rude, abusive and manipulative?
  6. Do they understand/accept my goals and ambitions?
  7. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else?

Love is not true only if it is given to one person forever. It can also be for one person for that time, maybe the time was wrong or both of you want different things from life. It's Okay.

Pray to God to bring the right person and that you also be the ''RIGHT PERSON". You can't be broken, damage and hurt and looking for love. You will only end up more hurt while hurting other people.