22 January 2018

Young Entrepreneur: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work for Free

It is never a good idea for an entrepreneur, bloggers, vendors, freelancer or a start-up company to offer their services for free. When you agree to do work for free, you are simply devaluing the industry in which you are a part of.
1. By showing a client that you are willing to provide them with completed work without pay in the hope of being paid if the client chooses your work, implies that the work you are doing is easy and takes very little effort. This is not the way to start a relationship with a new client if you are to move forward. The client will never respect you as a professional.
2. No self-respecting professional spent years honing their skills and obtaining accreditation to be in a situation where they are simply churning out work in the hopes of being paid.

3. Most freelancers and entrepreneurs will use the excuse that they need the experience, or that they are able to add to their portfolio. In addition, many think that working for free will help them to obtain clients. However, there are many other ways to obtain real-life experience or to create portfolio pieces, including; providing services to charities, other non-profits, internships and friends and family.