1 December 2017

Who Told You No?

Every single girl who created her yes in life and has used her creativity and imagination to create her dream life has hit a 'no' in her life. There are people who don't believe she can do it, people who try to hold them back, or just don't see the vision. Worst of all, there's that voice in your head that's says you could never do it! I've battled that one a lot.

The 'NO' that female entrepreneurs face every day can be time, resources, or finance constraints. It can be education and experience or lack of confidence. We all deal with it.

But remember, the women who create their dream life and business are the ones that keep searching for that yes, even after a barrage of 'no's' and only take yes for an answer, no matter what. Even if you're still stumbling over the no's, keep going, there's a yes out there for you.