18 October 2017

Top 6 Components of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has become an indispensable part of any business’ overall marketing strategy. Most businesses have understood the importance of digital marketing and that a result-oriented digital strategy could contribute to the overall growth and profitability of a business.

Building a successful digital marketing strategy differ from business to business. However, there are basic steps to follow to achieve success. Choosing the perfect mix of digital marketing solutions and tools is one area lots of businesses are struggling with because a small mistake can often send an entire digital marketing strategy off track.

There are key components of an effective digital marketing strategy that work together to provide optimum results to build a successful digital business.

1. An Interactive Website

The foundation of a successful digital marketing plan is a great website. The website is the focal point of every digital strategy as this is where traffic from other channels would be directed. Focusing on your website architecture is very paramount because a poorly designed website can ruin most of your marketing effort being put in on other channels.

It is necessary to ensure your website is easy for users to engage with and it must be responsive across all devices especially mobile. Visitors to your website should know where everything can be found that is, they have idea of where to find what they’re looking for easily. There’s a need to always keep the end user in mind when putting together your website. After all, this is the face that people get to see before they buy what you’re selling. Therefore, you want to ensure that what they see responds to their needs and interest.

2. Search Marketing

Search marketing is more important than ever before and it is necessary to understand the potential it creates for every business. This isn’t just about SEO; it includes pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
SEO plays a major role in customer acquisition and conversion. Developing and sustaining any business online is possible only by using appropriate strategies that make site more visible in all search engines. Most potential customer begins their search for a product or service on a search engine like Google. Ranking high in search results can drive a large volume of organic traffic to your website.
PPC is an essential and reliable search marketing tools. It helps you reach out to right audience with ease. Because it’s a paid service, it can provide results very quickly as you are targeting those people searching for specific keywords. However, it must be handled correctly to avoid wasting money.

3. E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel that can complement your other strategies. It is by far the most effective channel for generating leads and maintaining customers. It is quick on yielding ROI for businesses, promote customer’s loyalty and boost brand recognition. (hyperlink 7 ideas to boost your email marketing)

Email marketing is an integral part of a successful digital marketing strategy that any business shouldn’t ignore. According to study, 95% of consumers use email, 91% check their inbox at least once a day and e-mails prompt purchases at least 3X than social media.

4. Social Media

Social media is another key component of any successful digital marketing campaign. Social media avails you the opportunity to delight your customers with exceptional customer service. This provides significant results in the long term as social engagement gives a boost to your online brand awareness and credibility that gives you a thought leadership position in the mind of your customers and in your industry.

Social media requires more than having a few posts on the various social networks. Creating cutting-edge social media plan should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy. The plan should clarify your business objectives, the audience to be reached, social media content plan and the main metrics and KPIs that would be used to consistently set targets and measure success. You can get even more ideas on social media here (Social media tricks that works for brands)

5. Content Marketing

Behind every successful digital marketing strategy, there is an effective content marketing strategy. Content is what fuels most of the digital marketing tools especially both social media and SEO processes. Getting the right content in the right place is crucial to any digital business.

Building a content strategy comes with careful planning and organizing to achieve result. Producing engaging content requires time and effort. Therefore, understanding what kind of content you need, producing quality content and promoting it is important to having an effective digital marketing plan.

6. Data Analytics and Reporting

Every marketing effort has to be measured. This is an essential element of any successful digital marketing plan. To get maximum value from your digital marketing efforts, always measure, adjust and improve upon whatever you’re doing. Keeping a close tab on analytics data can help drive the strategy in the right direction and correct any errors early enough before a considerable amount of money has been spent.

To carry out your data analytics and report, you need a systematic process that will help you pull out which information really means something to your business. These insights help you understand what works best and with the right information in your hands, you will be able to plan and execute your strategies with precision. We recommend using tools such as Google Analytics, and Klout, among others, to get you started.