21 October 2017

Mel B Talks On Domestic Violence

 “FYI you may know my name but not my story, you maybe have heard what I've done but not what I've been through but soon you will. So in the meantime I'm just gonna text myself this as a reminder:

I may not have come from the perfect home but I was loved by my family, I may not be in the most favourable situation in life currently but trust me I soon will be by speaking my truth because I refuse to give up, shut up and just settle…

My heart and my intentions are pure and honest, and that alone makes me stand and fight for what I believe in. I’m focused, I work hard, I support and raise my 3 beautiful daughters all alone. Every day, I show them how I'm handling Business and taking back my life bit by bit, wearing the goddess crown my babies gave me proudly

I know the cards I've been dealt with, I’ll change for the better and change indeed very soon…I’m full of life coz I made it out alive, plus I'm learning how to love myself more and more each day so thank you to the ones that have stuck by me and believed in me even if I wasn't able to talk to any of you for 10 years. Guess what, I’m back now, stronger, healthier, and sillier than ever

No more hiding, no more shame, no more traumatizing pain. These last 7months have been incredible despite the death of my father, but he gave me just the strength I needed to stop living in utter fear…

I’ve stayed quiet for way too long, I want to empower and support women and give strength and hopefully pave the way even if it's just to a hand full of people to let them know “YOU CAN DO IT”. All alone, I walked away with nothing, just my kids, no one knew but it was the most terrifying but amazing walk I took

A: I never looked back

B: Never will I regret it

Just know you’re not alone, there are more people than you could ever imagine in the same boat right now and yes they are alive to tell their story.