22 September 2017

When People Say All Men Are Cheats It's Synonymous to Saying All Women Are Prostitute- Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo

Fashion blogger Aderonke popularly known as @therealrhonkefella on Instagram answered the popularly question: Do all men cheat?

Read her opinion below:

In my own opinion cheating is a personal decision and it has nothing to do with the entire gender, although while growing up my mum also made me believe it's a normal thing for men to cheat, but today I believe different there is absolutely nothing normal about a cheating man that is a "myth " over the years this has become a general belief and i beg to disagree based on my own life experiences and study, cheating is a personal decision, you have a choice to cheat or walk away, most men are naturally adventurous and inquisitive in nature ,so it's possible they always want to know, want to test! I agree.

But a grown man who takes pleasure in cheating in my own opinion is as a result of him not yet attaining the "maturity" and the "power “of "self-control "in some cases most of these men have lied to themselves that it's normal to cheat or they have been told that it is normal, so therefore they have refused to make effort to grow up, or mature by "curbing "their sexual urge or prowess and hence they begin to hop from one person to another.

In fact these set of men will be upset that you don't want them to cheat
Now ask yourself if all men are cheats, why aren't all women prostituting? Abi no be the same god create both of us? So in my own opinion cheating isn't a gender thing it is a personal decision, never generalize it, there are also some women who have chosen to work and do menial jobs for the same reason some women are prostituting for today! So life is all about the choices you make.

There are also some men out there married or not if they are not into you if you like be Kim Kardashian and backflip on the bed "Johnny" will not stand! They are not impotent, it's in the mind, when you have attained so much maturity and you have total control of your mind and body you wouldn't be eating from every plate you have been served.

So please when you cheat and you are caught take responsibility for your action (s) either as a man or woman don't blame it on the entire gender.