14 September 2017

Beauty Brain and Brawn: Nkem Onwudiwe Founder Her Network

Nkem is the brain behind Her Network. A community that supports and empowers women globally. The organization focuses on using networking to bring women together and give them the right tools collectively to achieve their best.

The idea was conceived after Nkem decided to become an independent PR consultant. She realized during the many workshops and conferences she attended that there was usually little or no time to connect with people in the room during or after the events mainly because the events starts on time and people mostly left early after the event for one reason or the other. Networking didn't seem like the core part of any of these events at the time and she thought it would be a great idea to consciously bring people together for that sole purpose. She wanted to focus on women empowering and supporting each other to bridge the gap.

She initially started using the power of social media to connect, encourage, inspire and grow women networking globally. She has now grown a community of over 13k following mostly women and has gradually introduced "Networking" as an integral part of social or professional growth. She organized her first face to face networking event in South Africa called "Chats and Cocktails" and it grew from there. The quote "when women work together amazing things happen" defines the purpose of Her Network.