24 August 2017

Author and Motivational Speaker Sarah Jakes Robert Reveals How She Knew She’d Found the Man of Her Dreams

Sarah Jakes was pregnant at 14, a divorcee and a mother of 3. She was in a bad marriage before she met her present husband Toure Robert. Sarah Roberts said being vulnerable and being treated like a lady wasn’t something that I had really become accustomed to because I was so used to being tough and taking care of myself.”

“I was at a place where I knew that anyone would be honored to take me to dinner, and so I extended the privilege to him. And, I did declare that he better feed me well. So we went to dinner in Los Angeles.”

“He picked me up at my hotel and I remember that from the moment that I saw him when I got off the elevator I felt vulnerable and naked,” adds the mom of two. “Not naked like he’s looking at me, but naked like, I don’t think I can hide anything from him. There is something within me that wanted to be the truest version of myself with him. There was something that made me feel safe. Everything from him watching how I came down the stairs to him opening the door for me at the restaurant, it made me feel like for the first time in a very, very long time, I could be a soft, feminine, dainty woman and fall into the arms of a real man that could hold me down.”
Talking about her husband she said; "You've shown me the true meaning of love is not about comfort, but about trusting stability exists even when everything is changing. You're my rock, my love, my king," she said. "I thank God for allowing me to experience this with you.