15 July 2017

My Top 2 African TV/Web Series

An African city
The story of 5 single, independent Ghanaian ladies who returned back to Ghana from abroad to pursue different things as they explore love and sex in the city of Accra, Ghana.
The Main Characters are:

Nana Yaa: A talk show host at one of Ghana top radio stations. She is still in love with her ex even after exploring different men.

Sade: She is outspoken, blunt, irreligious, and promiscuous and she believes the answers to every woman problem is a rich man that can take care of her.

Zainab: An entrepreneur who exports shea butter to the United States. She loves her coke with ice not lemon, her love life is not really interesting because she is buried in her work.

Makena: She is a beautiful unemployed lawyer and a divorcee.

Ngozi: She is the positive one among the ladies. She is a devout Christian, celibate and a vegetarian. She is basically what you would call a good girl.

Coco Brown

The TV series is centered on a young lady called Coco Brown. Coco brown is an ambition young lady trying to climb up the entertainment ladder as a radio presenter and talk show host. She lost her childhood sweetheart because of her ambitious nature. He wanted a local wife but Coco Brown is determined to be rich and famous.

She is successful in her career but her love life sucks. She somehow always end up being the side chick of married men. I guess she never learns.