18 July 2017

Influencer Marketing: How to Know If Someone Bought Fake Instagram Followers

Influencer Marketing
Ever heard of the saying; women lie, men lie but numbers don’t lie? Well, in the case of fake followers the opposite is true. Have you ever wondered how some people’s following on Instagram increased drastically overnight? There’s a high chance that those people bought followers.

People buy followers for various reasons like the recent “influencer” craze, brands are putting a lot of money behind influencer marketing campaigns. The first thing that brands look at when choosing influencers is the number of followers that a person has. If the number of followers is high then they are more likely to select that person. A high number of followers gives the impression that the reach will also be high: It is a numbers game. The truth is, a social media account that is infested with fake followers makes no impact.

Below are the two main ways to identify social media accounts with fake followers:

1. Drastic increase in the number of followers
Growing genuine following takes time, consistency and hard work. If the number of followers are steadily increasing but the user is not posting anything this could be an indication that the followers were bought.

2. Zero or no engagement
You see an Instagram account with thousands of followers and the likes is not up to 50 and no comments. This point is tricky because people also buy likes and comments.

My advice to brands would be to rather invest an influencer with a small but authentic following and grow with them instead of having someone with many bots following them.