14 July 2017

10 Things to Do While Stuck In Lagos Traffic

Living and working in Lagos, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time sitting in traffic especially by 5pm when everyone is leaving work at the same time. It can be really frustrating and irritating but it doesn’t have to be a total waste of time.

Here are some fun and productive things I do while stuck in traffic.

Sleep- who says sleeping isn’t fun. Sleep is the body’s reset button after a long day at work.

Listen to music- I soothe my ears with pleasing melody and when I am in the mood I dance along to the funky tune.

Reflect- sometimes all my tried self-need is some silence to meditate on my goals for the week and how I plan on achieving them. While Lagos drivers show their madness, I just sit and breathe.

Movie- I am not really a movie person but this is the best opportunity for me to watch TV series and sometimes Yoruba movies.

Update Social Media- I manage a couple of social manage accounts. I use this time to update them, reply comments and like some cool IG pictures.

Blog- it is not easy combing my 9-5 day job with all the things that I do but I manage well.

Listen to radio- you will be surprise on what you might hear

Chat- I also use this opportunity to chat with friends on whats-app, BBM, Facebook. I found out that chatting with loved ones somehow help me get rid of stress and boredom.

Phone a friend- Sometimes you just need someone to gossip with, forget the traffic and focus on the conversation.

Read blog comment- Have you been to Stellas blog, Instablog9ja, Subdelivery man... The comments on those blogs are entertaining.