4 May 2017

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelechi Igbojekwe CEO Belle Bedazzled Luxury Hair And Makeup Studio

Back in 2010 while I was still in the university studying Economics at the University Of Port Harcourt, I went to a makeup school to professionally become a makeup artist
This was against the will of my parents and especially one of my older sisters. Their desire was for me to focus on my academics and later work at the World Bank, CBN, or become an investment banker but I went against their will to attend a makeup school.
They only became aware of it after I was done with the makeup school but I assured them that the work will only be on the weekends and would not take up all of my time. They saw the immense passion I had for it and allowed me to fulfill my desires with the promise of not failing in school and I must say, I kept to my end of the bargain.
My friends didn't mind being my muse anytime I needed them which helped me perfect my skill. Till date, my father would still remind me of how I used to as a growing child, always make fashion sketches but the attention to detail on the facial features was always impeccable or how I would spend so much time dressing my mom up which he didn't like because he felt I would grow up vain.
That is to say this journey is driven by passion. It has been an amazing journey with a lot of makeup revolution and after 7 years and the major tips I learned are still relevant. I started having paying clients via referrals and now here I am.
I moved to Lagos from Port Harcourt in 2011, worked with a cosmetics brand for 3 months to acquaint myself with Lagos and moved on to continue with Belle Bedazzled.
Most of my earliest jobs were home service makeup before I got a makeup studio of my own where I also mentor and train students. Recently Belle Bedazzled has added a luxury hairline and is gradually becoming a household name and by the grace of God growing bigger.

I have met so many amazing people throughout my journey who see the fire in me and have supported in one way or another to help achieve this dream.