13 May 2017

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dabota Lawson the CEO of Dabota Cosmetics

Dabota is an ex beauty queen, mompreneuer and a hard working lady who never gave up on her dreams and vision.
Read her story below:

Dabota Lawson is a Nigerian model and an entrepreneur. The beautiful model grew up in the UK in a wealthy family in which her father was the Managing Director of NAFCON. Despite all this, she worked in every aspect as she made a 2.1 from University of Leicester in Financial Economics.
She came to limelight when she won the Miss Nigerian UK beauty pageant. In 2015 she launched her beauty line DABOTA COSMETICS... Dabota Cosmetics, her brainchild is a beauty brand that specializes in high quality cosmetic makeup product with an extensive colour selection. “We pride ourselves in using only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients”, says Dabota, founder and CEO of BILLIONAIRE WIFE LIMITED, a lifestyle company that comprises three main lines: Home Accessories, Women’s luxury fashion accessories (including Billionaire Wife luxury lifestyle boutique) and beauty products - DABOTA cosmetics and beauty products.

She is a story of one never giving up and never allowing what others say about you stop you from dreaming and actualizing your dream. The quote that says "build mansions with the stones others throw at you" comes to my mind anything I think of her.