9 May 2017

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Wunmi Williams Creative Director of Nakenohs

Wunmi Williams is a self-proclaimed retail specialist, with a fervent belief in developing the retail industry in Nigeria.

Wunmi was born and raised in Lagos State, Over the years she has grown to become the epitome of the modern age woman; wife, mother of 4, hardworking, self-employed, prayerful and manages a home and a business.
She attended St. Savior’s primary school, Lagos before completing her junior secondary school at Atlantic Hall secondary school, and later transferred to Adrao secondary school where she finished her secondary education.
She followed her passion for retail and went on to the University of Surrey in the UK and obtained a BSc. in Retail Management. During her time in England, she applied and was accepted for an internship at Nordstrom, Atlanta, USA.
Her intelligence and natural sales ability raised her from the rank of a mere intern to a team lead and eventually to location manager within a period of a year, an unprecedented feet that is yet to be surpassed or equaled.

Her internship experience validated and reinforced to Wunmi what her true passion and calling is “being a successful business woman”.