2 May 2017

2 Important Facts You Need To Know Before Becoming a Fashion Blogger


There are lots of perks to being a fashion/style influencer from the free clothes to event invitations and connecting with other fashion bloggers but it is not easy at the beginning stage.

Below are 2 important things you need to know before you become a fashion blogger.

 The Reward Is Not Immediate
You will need to invest your time, resource, energy and even work for free most of the time. Don’t worry about that, you are building up your portfolio. It is important to make friends with fellow bloggers, network and connect at events, mingle with publicists and brands on social media and utilize the network you’ve already built. Be consistent, improve on your picture quality this is important as brands will reach out for collaborations based on what they see, be patient and your breakthrough will surely happen.

Invest in your brand
If you are going to be successful as an Influencer, you will have to invest money into your brand. Your site design, domain name, logo, trademark, (hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure –if your brand is based off of your personal appearance), business cards, thank you notes, media kit, promotions and continuing education courses will all be valid expenses when starting up your business. Before the companies start blowing up your inbox, you will have to be your own biggest supporter and sponsor.