30 May 2017

Episode 06: Tiannah's Empire Reality TV Show

Tiannah's Empire Reality TV Show reveals the behind the scenes daily activities of Serial Entrepreneur and Fashion Mogul, Toyin Lawani, and how she juggles 30 different business and being a mum of two lovely kids.

19 May 2017

Tunji Andrews: 5 Lies You Have Been Told About Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Tunji Andrews
Nigeria, like any other country on the planet is unique in its own ways and as an entrepreneur, it’s almost forgivable to assume that picking up a book on entrepreneurship or taking an MBA can prepare you for this uniqueness; but as many over the years have come to learn, principles might be universal but experiences are local.

Nothing in that MBA will prepare you for the area-boys that will demand to be paid before your goods can pass a certain route or fraudulent generator repair guys, that deliberately sabotage your generator, so you can call them again (All factors you did not consider in your cost of production). While there is so much we can discuss on, as it concerns entrepreneurship in Nigeria, I will just stick to these 5 lies you’ve been told.

18 May 2017

Watch Tiannah's Empire Reality TV Show Episode 5

Tiannah's Empire Reality TV Show reveals the behind the scenes daily activities of Serial Entrepreneur and Fashion Mogul, Toyin Lawani, and how she juggles from controlling 30 different business and being a mum of two lovely kids, Tiannah and Tenor.

Be Inspired: Laura Ikeji Shared How Social Media Positively Influence Her Brand

2 sentences I hate to hear. WHO INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS EPP and POPULARITY ISN'T SUCCESS. Huh B! Before Instagram, a lot of people were dreamers and didn't know how to achieve their dreams. A lot of people were funny and had ideas but nobody to watch or see how great they could be.

“Dear Class of 2017…” Bill Gates Has a Message for You

Bill Gates
Microsoft founder and one of the pioneers of the digital revolution Bill Gates have penned an important letter to 2017 college graduates.

Gates talks about the three disciplines that will help shape the future and why philanthropy should be at the core of everyone’s life.

The letter titled “Dear Class of 2017…” and was first published on Mic, read:

15 May 2017

Inspiring! Shade Ladipo Shared Her Zero Start-up Story

On this episode of Young CEO Shade Ladipo, founder and CEO of Avienti Ltd, an established destination company based in Lagos shared her start-up story. Starting from a background in media, Ladipo shares her transition into the travel industry and how she turned her passion and interest and travel into a profitable business venture.

Stylish Monday: I Will Persist Until I Succeed

 Failure is not an option and neither is quitting. Be determined to continue to pursue your passions & your goals until you achieve that level of success you are striving for.

13 May 2017

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dabota Lawson the CEO of Dabota Cosmetics

Dabota is an ex beauty queen, mompreneuer and a hard working lady who never gave up on her dreams and vision.
Read her story below:

9 May 2017

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Wunmi Williams Creative Director of Nakenohs

Wunmi Williams is a self-proclaimed retail specialist, with a fervent belief in developing the retail industry in Nigeria.

8 May 2017

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Ngozy Ezeka-Atta

Ngozy Atta’s journey to becoming one of Nigeria’s top Beauty experts and Makeup Instructor crystalized when she trained at House of Tara in 2007, and in 2010 she left Visafone (a telecomms company in Nigeria) to set up Jaga Beauty Studio.

Stylish Monday: Stop Discounting Your Dreams

 You need confidence not to go broke in a distressed economy. Most people think they have to discount to gain or keep clients. Don't fall for that.

7 May 2017

Is It Ever OK To Be Friends With Your Ex?

I can't be friends with someone I love and still care for. Even though the relationship doesn't work out and the two of you aren't meant to be, caring about that person, loving them doesn't just go away. Being friends comes after healing. Tried it, I had to stop talking and being friends all together. Someone will start dating and have a new relationship. Old feelings will get in the way. So in my opinion it can work only if two people no longer have feelings.

Benita Okojie | Ayo [Official Audio]


Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Kikiope Foluwa CEO Hope Fashion

Kikiope Foluwa popular known as Hope fashion and the queen of blings is the CEO of the HOPE fashion. She has a peculiar story, a story of a girl who made up her mind when she was 11years old to make it in life, she told herself after the death of her father that his death and loss of everything will never stop her from achieving her set goals.

6 May 2017

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ifeoma Adefemi the CEO Iposhlooks

Ifeoma Adefemi
She is an Engineer turned fashionista and beauty entrepreneur.  A woman who has triumphed over every odds, proven that small beginnings can lead to great heights, see past flaws in other women to bring out the best in them.
Read Her Story Below:

5 May 2017

21 Ankara Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Dinner Party

Choosing what to wear to a dinner party can be hard so I have put together 21 Ankara outfit inspiration slayed by stunning fashionistas to inspire you. 

3 May 2017

Ankara Styles: Vol 14

I Need You to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Comparing yourself to others is toxic to you. Just because someone has started a business before you, has more customers or followers, does not mean that you can't as well, or that you can't catch up.

2 May 2017

2 Important Facts You Need To Know Before Becoming a Fashion Blogger


There are lots of perks to being a fashion/style influencer from the free clothes to event invitations and connecting with other fashion bloggers but it is not easy at the beginning stage.

Below are 2 important things you need to know before you become a fashion blogger.

7 Steps to Take towards Building a Personal Brand- Sharon Ojong

Sharon Ojong talk about her personal brand journey and the tips you need to take to build one.

Accelerate TV: Watch Kemi Adetiba’s “King Women” Interview with TY Bello

King Women is an interview-based series by Kemi Adetiba on Accelerate TV featuring Nigeria’s powerful women of veteran and champion status, as they tell their never-before-heard stories.

1 May 2017