29 April 2017

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nnenna Ogbuzulu the CEO of Oma Beauty Studio

Beautiful Nnenna is a makeup artist and a mother of four adorable children.
Read her story below:

My name is Nnenna Ogbuzulu proudly Abia, a wife and blessed with four beautiful and adorable children and C.E.O Oma Beauty Studio. I have been a lover of art since my secondary school days, I love to draw, and I love fashion and music. I remember helping my class mates to draw Spirogyra, heart and label it and so on.
One day out of my boredom I picked up my pencil and drew a picture at home and when my dad came back home my younger once took the drawing to show him and when he saw it he was so happy and decided I must study Fine Art at Uniuyo.
I bluntly refused that I wasn't going to do that cos then no body in Nigeria values Fine Art and when I came to Lagos I attended one program organized by Lagos State Government where we were trained on hair styling, make up, facials and pedicure and after I went through that training I had more passion in makeup artistry so I went into it professionally got certified and that is how it all started.
Oma Beauty Studio was founded in 2009. And with the support of the man in my life , he stood by me all the way, got my first job from Facebook contact to Ibadan which I charged 30k not knowing the distance and I was so happy I got a job, going and coming back hubby got me covered. I have trained a lot of ladies and love to do it over and over again to break free every young woman out there who want to be independent.

In all my experience God has been faithful, His ways are not the ways of men. I will not relent but will continue to press on till I get there.