30 April 2017

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ibiso Solar CEO Ibiso Solar Fashion Label

I was born in Port Harcourt into a family of girls and wad given the name Ibiso meaning Heavens Good Fortune by my most eldest sister because I was born in time of affluence; comfort and life was with me being dotted on as the last child.

When I was 9 years old my parents began to witness challenges with finances which led my sisters and I to start hawking on the streets of Port Harcourt inorder to support the family.
I graduated in 1999 with a degree in Physics Education. Back then in school I'll assist friends to pick clothes to wear and how to match which surprising I've always loved even as a younger child. After my graduation in 1999 I got blessed with my Husband in 2000.
From my early years I'd always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I tried my hands in different things which failed. At a point in time I retained clothes, shoes etc from my friends to retail. I also started a butchery in Port-Harcourt which I had to close down due to my husband's transfer to Lagos.
With my Education background and love for children, I decided to attend a Montessori Training programme to develop the skill to teach younger children and ultimately to start a school. I picked up an assignment in a school in Ikeja GRA, I enjoyed teaching. With this I still felt something was missing.
Friends, colleagues and generally anyone who came in contact with me noticed my fashion sense. I tried styling people who will call me to ask what they can wear and what accessories to use. As I assisted more people, I remember friends asking me "what are you doing in the classroom?" As time went by it became clearer to take fashion as a business with the encouragement of my husband.

I resigned from my teaching job in June 2014, cleared up my garage, bought machine and employed a tailor. Ibiso Solar fashion label began in September 2014.