30 April 2017

Watch Episode 2 of Toyin Lawani’s Reality TV Show “Tiannah’s Empire”

Toyin Lawani is back with the second episode of her reality TV show “Tiannah’s Empire“. The serial entrepreneur is taking us into the daily activities of her life; from managing her 30 businesses to being a mother to her two kids and more.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ibiso Solar CEO Ibiso Solar Fashion Label

I was born in Port Harcourt into a family of girls and wad given the name Ibiso meaning Heavens Good Fortune by my most eldest sister because I was born in time of affluence; comfort and life was with me being dotted on as the last child.

29 April 2017

26 April 2017

Ankara Styles: Vol 13

WCW: Nelly Agbogu AKA Naija Brand Chick

Nelly Agbogu
Nelly Agbogu is the Chief strategist at @nellies.ng. She is also a seasoned psychologist and HR professional who worked with Schlumberger Nigeria for 8 years. She has always been overweight (almost 180kg) and managed to get her weight loss going and have lost over 40kg.

25 April 2017

Aso-Ebi Inspiration- Vol #14

Ghanaian Top Makeup Artist Nancy Blaq Beautiful Wedding Photos

We first featured their prewedding photos here. The couple who are Nigerians met in Ghana, became friends in Ghana; fell in love in Ghana and  got engaged in Ghana.

See their wedding photos below:

24 April 2017

Stylish Monday: Ladies Let Your Voice Be Heard

No matter the criticism, let your voice be heard. No matter how many people say you don’t have a right to speak up because you’ve made mistakes, let your voice be heard.

No matter how intimidating it seems in a sea of macho men, let your voice be heard. Your voice is a human right, and an instrument that should be used to enrich your life and the lives of others.

23 April 2017

Video! Episode 1 of Toyin Lawani Reality TV Show “Tiannah’s Empire”

In this episode, we get to see the daily activities of the serial entrepreneur and fashion mogul and how she juggles everything from controlling 30 different business and being a mum of two lovely kids, Tiannah and Tenor.

Quote of the Day from Betty Irabor CEO Genevieve Magazine

Betty Irabor
How badly do you want success? So, what's to stop you? There are no imitations except those imposed by your mindset. Set yourself free! 

22 April 2017

Dedicating Rachel Platten ‘’Fight Song” To All the Beautiful Strong Women Keep the Fire Burning

I haven’t stopped listening to Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" since it first blessed my eardrums. And it's definitely the song I turn to when I am having a rough time in my life and I need an extra push to get through the day. 

Quote of the Day from Damilola Adegbite Attoh

Damilola Adegbite Attoh
Truth is, if you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else. Nobody can bring you peace, but yourself. Hard truth

19 April 2017

Ankara Styles: Vol 12

I Started My Business with N10, 000 - Idongesit Harrison Umoh, Ceo Of Idong Harrie Limited

Idongesit Harrison Umoh is the owner and CEO of Idong Harrie Limited, footwear and accessory manufacturing and retailing company based in Lagos that specializes in handmade shoes, slippers, sandals, wallets, handbags and all manner of small leather accessories. In this interview with TOBI AWODIPE, she reveals how she started out with pocket money, the challenges she faces in a male-dominated industry and how women are refusing to take advantage of business opportunities around them.

18 April 2017

Aso-Ebi Inspiration- Vol #13

Must Watch: Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King Women’ Interview with Tara Fela-Durotoye

“King Women” is an interview-based series by Kemi Adetiba, featuring Nigeria’s powerful women of veteran and champion status, as they tell their stories, like never heard before.

17 April 2017

Stylish Monday: Obsessing Over Things Isn't Going To Get You Anywhere

Obsession is often negative energy, the more time and energy we spend doing this the more time and energy is taken away from doing something productive.

14 April 2017

How Mercy Makinde Is Using Her Experience of an Abusive Marriage to Help Women Change Their Lives

Mercy Makinde
Mercy Makinde is the founder of IASPIRE RADIO, which is Nigeria’s first motivational radio station. She is also the founder of Amazing Amazon, an NGO created to cater for women on all levels.

Amazing Amazon was borne out of Mercy’s personal experience in marriage. She realised that there are women who have gone through and some still going through what she went through in marriage with no one to support them.  

In an interview with Anthonia Duru of Independent Nigeria, Mercy Makinde shared her journey in and out of an abusive marriage, and how she has turned her experience into a message to help other women.

10 April 2017

7 April 2017

Work with Us

Xo-Beabeth is currently accepting guest bloggers. It’s a great way to get your name in front of a community of readers around the world.

Former Gossip Blogger Necole Bitchie Shared an Inspiring Post on Her Instagram Page

I'm starting to look back on a lot of times in my life where I asked myself "does it get better?" And the answer is yes. It gets better. You get better. The people you surround yourself with get better.

5 April 2017

Inspiring! Mo Abudu’s Shares the Secret of Her Success as a Bold Female Entrepreneur

Mo Abudu has achieved success in various fields; as an Executive in ExxonMobil for nearly a decade, as the promoter behind the Protea Hotel Oakwood Park, as well as the Founder of Vic Lawrence & Associates, one of Nigeria’s leading Outsourcing firms. Then she entered the world of media as the Creator and Hostess of “MOMENTS WITH MO”, earning the accolade of ‘Africa’s ‘first lady of chat’. The show was the first of its kind to be syndicated across Africa, with an impressive guest list that includes Hillary Rodham-Clinton, President Muhammadu Buhari, and Christine Lagarde, amongst others.
Mo discusses her PanAfrican TV Channel EbonyLife Tv, her record breaking latest film “The Wedding Party” and being bold as a female entrepreneur.
Watch the video below:

Ankara Styles: Vol 10

3 April 2017

Stylish Monday: Make Courageous Choices

 The more we do courageous things the more our fear threshold decreases. Do something today that you've not done yet. for example:

2 April 2017

20 Valuable Lessons My Last Relationship Taught Me

My last relationship taught me that I am enough. I don't have to prove myself to a man or change myself for him. If he doesn't see my awesomeness, his loss, my gain, thank God, move on!!

1 April 2017

10 Wedding Guests Slaying in Black

But, She Didn’t Quit- Written by Popular blogger Necole

That girl that you follow that you want to be like, that has the "perfect" career, the "perfect relationship, and/or the "perfect" life --- the one who you consider goals, she's been stressed before. She's woken up wondering if her sacrifices were even worth it. If anyone noticed her work: if she was even on the right path.