3 March 2017

From Fabric Selling to Blogging: The Story Of Olorisupergal (Oluwatosin Ajibade)

I didn’t make my first million in my first year of blogging. Heck, not even for the next two years. When people ask me, ‘why blogging?’ and I say, ‘because blogging chose me,’ they think I’m trying to sound poetic.

See, I have tried doing different things for money in this life. When my accounting journey ended in school, what I became was a certified hustler. I didn’t quite get the theories but I got the maths; I knew first hand that you profit when you meet a demand. So I would go to Abeokuta to trade with the locals and bring fabric to sell to my Lagos folks. Church was my shop. I would attend multiple services just so I could go round with my adire and sweet talk ladies into buying. That way, I multiplied my pocket money over and over. Soon I was tired of the numerous road trips and I thought up another venture.

Costume jewellery was becoming fashionable again. I decided to teach myself the art of bead making. I would experiment with different colours and styles and then model it myself by wearing them to school. Trust students to ask, ‘where did you buy this. How much is it?’ Of course, I started receiving orders.

Some people see me today and think I was ‘lucky’ and everything came easy for me. 
Can you believe I even auditioned for Project Fame in 2010? I went through the same obstacles every young person goes through. I did not find it easy at all and kept trying all sorts of trade just to stay afloat and to stop burdening my parents. After numerous try and fails, a media apprenticeship in 2008 paid off when it landed me in the digital space. I learnt marketing and media on the job and these lessons formed my foundation for blogging.
My hustle started from nothing and then I created something out of it. My tenacious never-say-never spirit has certainly paid off. I am more comfortable than I dreamt my adire business would make me. But even now, the hustle still continues. The reward for hustle is more hustle.