9 August 2018

Denim Thursday #67

Linda Ikeji Conferred with Honorary Doctorate Degree from Trinity International University in Georgia

Linda Ikeji has been conferred with an honorary doctorate degree from Trinity International University, Georgia for her work in media in Africa.

Issa Rae Is the Cover Star for Ebony Magazine’s September 2018 Fashion Issue

 The 33-year-old actress and producer talks to the magazine about empowering a new generation of creatives using stories of black experience, sisterhood, and racial issues.

33-Year-Old How to Get Away with Murder Aja Naomi King Is on The Cover of Shape Magazine’s September 2018 Issue

 She talks about staying committed to tough workouts and causes that matter. She talks about how she wants other women and girls to know what it feels like to be just as powerful.

Read excerpts below.

6 August 2018

Stylish Monday: Mindset Is Everything

What you tell yourself will completely break or make you. . . Bad enough you have to filter out all the negative sh*t coming from friends, family, colleagues, social media, tv, etc, but where it counts most is what's going on in your head.